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Meet Lynx, the future of the next generation of powerful and easily customizable Discord bots powering communities and bringing users together. Enforce your server rules and keep your community a safe and fun place with Lynx's flexible moderation systems, while adding some shiny new perks to your server with it's useful utility features.

To get started with Lynx, type "l?help" to view a list of categories in which commands are categorized into. From there, you can view detailed descriptions of each command and how to use them. You can customize Lynx's prefix for your server with the "l?prefix" command. The following is a list of all Lynx's categories and commands:

Command Structure ****<prefix><command> <required arguments> [optional arguments]

Core Category Commands [4] » help [command]: Lists the bot's commands » muterole : Changes the server's mute role » ping: Checks the bots ping » prefix [prefix]: View the current server's prefix or changes the server's prefix

Moderation Category Commands [8] » ban [reason]: Bans a member from the server » clearwarns : Clears all warnings from a user » kick [reason]: Kicks a member from the server » mute [reason]: Mutes a member » purge : Deletes a certain number of messages » unmute : Unmutes a member » warn : Warns a member » warns : Displays all the warnings a member has received

Utility Category Commands [3] » botinfo: Displays information on the bot » serverinfo: Displays information on the server » userinfo [user]: Displays information on a user

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