Terms of Service

The correct and proper use of Adix is specifically explained and listed below. Please thoroughly read through the information provided below.

We have put terms in place for the safety of user, servers, Adix and Matrix Development. Failure to follow these terms of service will result in a violation of your agreement and therefore Adix will be blacklisted from the server in which the term was violated in.

These are the following terms you must agree to:

  • Do not have up to 50 songs queued at one given time.

    • May cause issues down the line where Adix becomes slow and process intensive. Because Adix is currently a privately hosted bot, it means that we don’t have the process power to host large queues at once. So, by having more than 50 songs queued at once may cause issues

  • Do not spam commands using Adix.

    • Spamming commands constantly with Adix will cause it to rate limit and therefore go offline. This can affect all servers if Adix goes offline. So we urge that you do not spam commands using Adix. If there is a rate limit, there will be an investigation into what caused it. If it is found that it was your server that caused the rate limit, your server will be blacklisted from using Adix entirely.

  • Do not use Adix to spread hate speech via discord voice channels.

    • Using Adix to spread hate speech via discord voice channels will be violating our terms of service. We do not condone the usage of hate speech and if reported to us, the user to add the “song” or audio to the queue will be blacklisted from using Adix as-well as the server that the message was presented in will also be blacklisted. As stated above, we do not condone nor encourage the use of or spread of hate speech using Adix or Lynx for the matter of fact. If one of our bots was to be used to spread such messages, then we urge you to contact us immediately with proof of the fact.

By agreeing to the terms of service you hear by agree to:

  • Follow the above terms

  • To allow Matrix to use your Server/Guild ID to save and update your current music queue (once the queue ends, the data is automatically deleted).

  • Agree to allow matrix to log your server as a new join (keeps track when Adix leaves and joins a new server).

If you'd like to contact us regarding our terms or if you have any queries, feel free to join our support server at Matrix Development.

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