Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy. This is why we've established a privacy to establish trust with our users and reassure them by telling them what happens to their data.

What data do we collect?

Adix does not collect any personal data, except server IDs and completed songs (songs that have finished playing - these are removed after the bot disconnects from a voice channel).

Why do we collect this data?

Server IDs are required to identify server track queues, voice channels the music is being playing in and channels commands are being run in.

What happens to the data?

We do not share, sell or log any data about you, your server, or your music. We do not have access to your emails, passwords, tokens or any sensitive information you may to withhold. Adix does not have or maintain any databases for data storage of any kind. Any data (server IDs and played songs) are saved in memory and removed either when the bot disconnects from a voice channel or when the bot is restarted.

Contact if you'd like to contact us regarding any privacy concerns or queries, feel free to join our support server at Matrix Development.

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