About Us

What is Matrix Development? Who are we?
This documentation site is currently out-of-date and is being completely revamped with new information and more. This process will likely take 1-3 business days to complete. Please be patient.
This page should hopefully answer any questions you may have about who we are and what we do. If you require more assistance then open a support ticket in our Discord server and a support agent can assist you there.

Who We Are

Matrix Development is a development group. We're a group that develops things. These things can range from Discord bots to video games on different platforms. We're a development group striving to become one of the best development groups to ever exist. We are currently developing products on several platforms. Our only motive is reputation. That's practically the only thing we strive for. We were founded by a group of individuals influenced by their love for programming. We chose the name Matrix Development, because it's a combination of Cryptography and Software development which is what we do and what we aim to become better at to benefit others across the globe.

What We Do

As a development group, we're only developing a couple Discord bots and a utility API for other Discord-based-developers to use. We plan on doing something with RPCs after our API is setup. We may expand to a completely different platform or develop something else developers can use in their programming journey. However, we're not only a development group. We're also a community and as a community, we do events, we do giveaways, and we have a bunch of perks and rewards for those that participate and are active members within our discord community. We also have a bunch of features for people within our community to use.
The rest of this page is still being developed.